Personally, I do not feel the need to use Facebook on daily basis like some people I know. In fact, I know quite a few people who use it non-stop, even on their mobile phones or such devices. The way I treat Facebook for personal use is like an online phonebook where I keep my friends contacts. It is much more dependable than a phonebook in a mobile phone, because when someone changes his or hers telephone number it doesn’t render my phonebook entry useless. That is why and how I use Facebook. Those who are “lucky enough” to be in this “online phonebook” of mine in the friends list know that I do not post to my wall as often as some “every minute posters” we all know and that I keep my wall locked as well as all sensitive personal information.

This is true for the way I use Facebook on a personal side of the story, but there is also the business, or should I say professional side of the story to it as well.

Until a month ago I didn’t know a lot about the ways Facebook can be used to promote something, support existing advertising campaigns or be the main campaigning tool for advertising something.

I’ve developed a lot of websites and each time my work ended with putting the website on the hosting platform and “handing over the keys” to the new proud owner. The websites’ presence on the Internet was known to people when owners invite them to see their new websites or when they are discovered by visitors who happen to stumble upon a link on a banner, signature or any other form of Web advertisement. This promotional part was always the owner’s work that he or she initiates on his own one way or another.

But that changed last month when I finished a new website that I have been working on for some time and the client asked me to promote it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc.

I’ll focus on Facebook now, because it’s “contribution” to the websites very rapid visit count growth was the prime when compared to others.

The first thing I did was create a new profile, of course named the same as the website in question. Then I started a page with the same name and a slightly different username. Sometimes you have to hate the “unique index”. When this easy part was over I invaded people to the group and asked them to share the link as well on their pages and ask those who share to ask those who share to ask those who share to ask those who share (I tried to end it two repeats ago). The word spread very fast and the first day after this simple form of “advertising” we’ve had over twenty unique users. The next day the number doubled and so on. In one month, after days of rapid growth and some days of stagnation (but with constant activity) Google Analytics reported over one hundred thousand visits and about thirteen thousand unique visitors. The time per visit increased as well and all parameters show that the website is being used the way it was planned.

Parallel to this website’s simple “share and reshape” advertising method for reaching that initial impulse that would keep the website going on momentum for some time, there was another website that I have decided to promote via paid advertising methods on Facebook.

For those who are not familiar at all with this subject, here is a very short definition. Facebook lets you to create paid advertising campaigns that target certain groups of users and you can pay per impression or per click. For this particular website’s advertising campaign I chose a pay per click method. After choosing target user groups, setting up the ad’s picture and text and choosing the period which the ad will be displayed in (two weeks), I decided to bid twenty euro cents per click for my ad to be displayed and paid thirty euros in total for the campaign. This would give me one hundred and fifty clicks in a span of two weeks if the campaign went well and the ads got displayed.

I should say that I had over twenty phone calls and more than ten emails from potential buyers for the products presented on the website in question. Of all of those, five people are very serious buyer candidates, so if even one of them actually buys a product I’ll count the advertising investment of thirty euros well spent and well paid up.

There are many benefits that I have not mentioned here, because I wanted to point out this key benefit that I recognized as the most important. To put it out plain and clear into words, it is the “investment well paid up” at some point, but I must add a short disclaimer here and that is that “it significantly depends on the quality of your offer” and the location the ad link drops your potential customer at. Make sure you have a professionally designed website and a fair offer.

Consumers are not idiots. They can subtract the worth from the price better than most entrepreneurs think. But, nevertheless Facebook is a good way to get them to notice you. One potential customer is still better than no customers.