Microsoft does everything in its great "super-corporational" power to put its nose where it just doesn't naturally belong. This time, it is

All right, all right. Those who know me will say: "Well, you say that about everything Microsoft does! Even for making operating systems!"

Well, that is true, but this time I really feel like I should comment on this new social network attempt.

First of all, I cannot but notice how really slow it works. Really! I use Chrome and when I first tried it was like downloading bits via 56K modem on a Pentium III grade PC.

First and a half: I did try it in Internet Explorer 9. Yes, I can still run it on my PC and no, I did not completely ruin the executable in order to make it really dead. It was slower, so I continued on with Chrome.

The second thing that I noticed was that it is really poorly organized, and what's with those animated GIFs? Ok, '90s ware great for the Internet and so ware the 2000s, bit guys, get real. Animated GIFs!

Third, the video section is, how should I put it... a collection of butts. Literally! A collection of videos of butts. Of, and uses Flash Player to display videos. I guess that Silverlight doesn't really do the job now, does it?

The most important thing I'd like to note is that the "search box" should search the content of the website and not display search results from Bing.

If I ever in my life, even just once, want to search for something via Bing, be sure that I will use Bing's search box on Bing URL to search for Bing search results, so I don't need search box doing that.

All in all, as for Microsoft's good work, I'd like to say that I am not disappointed, because they have done exactly what I have expected. You have managed to prove me right again.

Good luck and let us hope that you will eventually come forth with a really completed and fully functional product and not pre-Alpha ideas such as