For centuries, mathematicians have speculated many things about the number π and have learned many interesting things about it.

Of course, the basic thing all people learn about π is that it has an unlimited number of digits and yet it is said to be a "constant".

I am not saying that I disagree with the statement, but I just think that that logic is a bit twisted.

Getting to the point now.

I wanted to share an interesting fact about the number π, even though I know it is a well known "fact" that most of us learn at some point in our education.

In case you didn't know, there is an equation called "The Famous Five Equation" in mathematics and it looks like this:

This equation draws together five of the most fundamental numbers in mathematics used in: logarithms (e), circles (π), complex numbers (i) which is the square root of -1, addition operation, nothing (0) and something (1).

Personally, I find it very interesting, while at the same time I find one thing about it very spooky and almost "outworldish" and that is the fact that the number π includes in its basic makeup the number i.

That is very "imaginary" of it.