I've talked with people about what they would like their future to be like and how they see themselves in it. Most of these talks started early in High School, when we all had great ideas and dreams, but have gradually come to understand that most of them can never come true.

Recently, media and politicians are creating illusions of progress and say how things are really going great and how economy and “living standards” are recovering and growing, but no one can really see that.

Even though this is generally accepted and know, many people around me still hold on to their visions and dreams, which I do not dispute. It is good to have a healthy amount of vision for your live and how you would like it to unfold over time, but I also do not agree with the way they go about it.

Most of them dream and do not act towards achieving their dreams. They hold on to visions without working towards seeing them come true.

Imagine that your dream is to one day see the Moon up close. Maybe even land on it. Normally, you would be obsessed with learning all you can about it. What it is made of? How big it is? Where did it come from? There might be many more questions, but underneath all of them is a basic motivation.

There are two types of people I've come across when it comes to dreams and visions. There are those who achieve their goal and there are those who take short cuts and end up deceiving themselves.

The first type would invest in their selves, learn, train and volunteer in a company or with individuals from a space programme. That way, they get closer and closer to the very soil of the Moon than they ever would have if they just took a short cut like the “other” type.

The other type of person would certainly do some research, but would ultimately buy a telescope and watch the Moon through it. Later on, he or she would buy better and bigger lenses and telescopes to get closer, but in the end, he or she will be as far from the Moon as everyone else who doesn't care at all.

Meanwhile, those who make it their life’s work to break through the ranks and qualify for a space programme and end up being selected for a mission to the Moon will have already achieved more in making their dream come true than a dreamer with a telescope could ever have hoped to.

Don’t just dream!

Strive to make your dreams reality.

Otherwise, you are just looking at something that you will never see!