This year's Beosong contest had 15 songs competing for a chance to represent Serbia at this year's Eurosong contest.

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed. Most of the songs are slow and some are even more like "recitation" than songs. Those that were more dynamic lack on stage performance. The three girls with song number 10 (first night) have a nice constant rhythm and they "move around" more then the rest of performers, but the song still doesn't seem to cut it for Eurovision...

All in all, I am not very satisfied with the choices, but I'm glad that, this year, new authors had a chance to enroll in the contest and that, we (the viewers) have had a chance to pick one, unlike last year, when "someone else" had decided for us who will go and represent Serbia.

We'll see... any minute now the voting will be over and I will probably post another commentary tomorrow evening.