Yesterday, on my way home, I rode on a Belgrade's Public City Transport Company's BUS on line 26.
Earlier, I've heard people say that some drivers drive their Buses as if they transported potatoes. Meaning, they have no regard for comfort and safety of passengers.
I've even had a chance to ride on a BUS like that, but yesterday was a whole new experience.
The BUS swayed so much that I had to use both of my hands, both of my legs, keep a grip with the whole of my arms and push myself steady whit my back in order to hold my ground.
The swaying wasn't as bad as jumping around. I was at the very back of the BUS and the driver was so careless and disregardful that the whole body of the BUS waved and if I ware to watch from the side of the street I'm sure that the base of the frame would be moving in shape of a wild sine with an extremely wild amplitude.


Sometimes I wonder who gives them their licences. However, It was kind of fun, just like a ride on a good, fast and bumpy roller-coaster is.