I’ve been reading texts and watching TV shows and YouTube videos about how in a near future, people will make first steps into a long process of colonizing Mars and how terraforming will be planned and then put into action in order to make the environment more human friendly etc.

All this is no longer considered science fiction, but something that is very much feasible. It would have all been accepted much better if it weren’t for the current economic crisis. Because of the crisis, people do not readily accept the idea of money being spent for achieving anything other than making life better in the human society on this planet.

However, I was thinking about who would be colonizing the new planet. A few years ago, a lot of people would say that the USA would be the country to first send colonists to this Terra Nova, but nowadays more and more people are seriously considering claiming that China is the most likely candidate.

I tend to avoid topics where there is speculation, but even more I do not like to write about political topics. Even though guessing which country might start colonizing Mars in the next one hundred years is not a political question, some people would like to present it as such. To those people I’d like to say that the Chinese flag has more red on it then the USA flag, so that could be said to have been my choice for which I decided to even mention China.

Putting that aside, the question “Who?” does not involve the country, nation etc. but more specifically what kind of people? Will humans of the coming age chose to send their best men and women scientists, engineers, technicians, etc. to Mars, or will they be sending the worst.

It is not like we didn’t already have both scenarios when it comes to colonization on our own planet down here. The later mentioned was Australia. Wasn’t it? It was meant to be the place for dropping off the worst criminals of that age (and some innocent people who the local law enforcer, aristocrat lord or anyone else of a higher status didn’t fancy very much).

If humans of tomorrow don’t find a way to fully complete the terraforming process and/or see that there might be problems and/or any other dangers, would they chose to make file on Earth more bearable and “specious” by removing the excess population by humane methods? Meaning, by relocating them to a different place where they would not be using up Earths resources, but instead trying to get by with what they could make on the new planet. It could be an option.

The better scenario, in my opinion, would most certainly be to send scientists, engineers, technicians, agricultural specialists, biologists, chemists and medical workers to build environments, make the soil fertile in order to cultivate some sort of edible plant life, to make plants which would produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.

It is plain sure that from the point when people start living and reproducing on a different planet, they would slowly begin to adapt to the new environment, mainly the weaker gravity, thinner atmosphere, different day length etc. All this would eventually lead to different physical, biochemical characteristics in their bodies and of course in development of a new or adapted social and political organization.

It is not uncommon in nature to have members of one common ancestral descent, that have at one point in time traveled (by which ever means) to a different island or even a different continent, and have over time changed so much over time, that today breeding between those two descendants of the same ancestor are no longer possible (or at least not successful). This happens on Earth which has fewer differences on any two of its continents than any two parts of Earth and Mars that are the most similar to each other.

There you have it. This was a short note of something that I have been thinking about last night while dozing off to sleep. If someone has any thoughts or remarks on anything I mentioned here, feel free to e-mail me about it.