Everyone is different. We all have our special traits that make us unique in every way possible. No good can come out of comparing yourself to other people. This is because humans have a bad habit of taking notice of bad things about themselves. When humans silently observe others in order to compare them with themselves, they see good things first.

We are good at making ourselves look either inferior to others, or in seeing ourselves superior to others. Both are outright wrong.

Do not look to how others are when you want to compare yourself to something or someone. This is a recipe to unrest of character and generally a very bad thing in my opinion.

If you really have a need to compare yourself, then you should not look to others and how they are, but instead, you should look to yourself and how you used to be.

Take note of a certain trait and gage it against how it was before. Is it better or worse now than it was before?

For example, take polite speech as a trait of a personality. Now, remember how you used to speak to people five years ago and how you speak to them today. Were you more polite then? Or, are you more polite now?

Or, take a physical trait of yourself for evaluating. What is your BMI? Five years ago, you ware five years younger, probably a few centimeters shorter, or maybe higher. Can you remember your body mass from back then? You probably can. Five years isn’t so long. Now, calculate BMI for you five years ago and your current BMI. The formula doesn’t change and if it does, just use the same formula for “then attributes” and “now attributes”. How did you do? Are you better then you used to be?

Most importantly, put your intellect, your knowledge, your education on a test. How many books did you read per year two years ago, say in 2011th and how many books per year did you read last year, in 2012th? Do you read more? Do you learn more? Do you know more then you used to know?

This is what is important!

There is no point in comparing yourself to others and how they are now. You will always find some traits of other people better and some traits of yourself worse. How will this help you? Will you really feel better if you can imaginarily put yourself above others? And, what good will it do you to learn that compared to others you should consider yourself below them? Neither does you any good. Not really.

But, learning about yourself and learning how you change in time, which parts of you have changed for the better and which for the worse, can help you put more effort into those traits you consider lacking in comparison to others. Only in that way will you be able to help yourself achieve a goal of becoming more than you are now and certainly more then you used to be.

Stop comparing yourself to others and begin comparing yourself to yourself, more precisely, to how you used to be.