Today, I have made effort to update certain parts of my Linked In account.

Mostly, there ware changes in personal and contact information, such as change of my e-mail and website links.

Also, I have edited the name of my high school to correct an obvious typo that I haven't noticed until today.

There are a number of projects listed in the Projects section, although I don't think they will stay there for long. It is just a temporary solution.

I must say that I have noticed a number of connection requests of which half ware from people I have never heard of and ware therefore rejected.

However, some ware a perfectly valid bunch that now have their own place in my contact list.

I really hope that Linked In can someday be useful to me, because I will not have liked today's time to have been spent in vain.

Just in case you wonder, here is the link to my Linked In profile page.