Today, on July 19th 2012 I graduated from Singidunum University’s Faculty for Informatics and Computing and earned a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in informatics. The formal degree name is “Diplomirani inženjer poslovne informatike”, which translates to “Engineer of Business Informatics”.

My thesis’ title was “Emulator arhitekture Milantex Tx16 računara” - “Milantex Tx16 computer architecture emulator”. I hope to have my thesis published on Singidunum University’s scientific research portal Singipedia.

This entry will deal with a bit of “conveying my gratitude”, so here it comes.

I am very grateful to my parents, friends and colleges for coming to watch my public defense of thesis and for supporting me while doing the hard work of writing it. Also, I express my gratitude to my mentor, Professor Mladen Veinović for giving me guidelines on writing the thesis and suggestions for the preparation for my hard work’s presentation. I also give special thanks to Aleksandar Jevremović, who preseded my thesis defense and overlooked my graduation at the end.

I must say that I do not feel anything different from how I felt this morning in terms of wits and “smartness”, but I do feel as if certain bulk was lifted from my back and I also sense manifestations of different opportunities that came with this graduation.

One step ascended, still no ceiling above... advancing further!