Lately, a certain situation has become more and more frequent for me when surfing the Web. Ever since I have gained access to this seemingly endless world called Internet, I’ve been literarily crawling from one link to another, reading bulletin boards, recipes, fan fiction stories of my favorite TV shows, history briefs, fun picture compilations, computer programming articles, science papers and so much more. And every time I was asked to create an account in order to view more or to be able to organize my favorites, connect with authors and so on, I was not reluctant. I had then, just as I have now an e-mail account which I use for registering these ad hoc accounts and I do not mind if that e-mail inbox is flooded with spam and other mail, because I rarely read any of the messages I receive, except when I am expecting an e-mail to confirm my registration and activate my new account.

About a two years ago, the “situation” I am talking about first happened. I was surfing the Web as I always do, reading and adding interesting and noteworthy pages to a very poorly organized bookmark list, when it came to it that, once again, I had to create a new account. Since I always use Milantex for my username, and have been doing so before the year 2000th, I entered it in and after trying to submit my information through the registration form I got a response that the username is already used by another member. At first, this puzzled me. I did not think that someone else used MY username. That seemed unlikely, but then again, I could not remember at that time that I have ever before visited that website. I tried to log in with a number of my older passwords and one of them worked. Without much thought, I contributed this “forgotten account” situation to an assumption that the website had at some time been redesigned and that I could not have recognize it because of that.

Some time passed until when the same situation happened again, and then some time later again. No, I was not losing my mind or my memory, but was just not keeping track of all of my accounts. After all, at one period I had been opening accounts of as many as four websites a week, for no other reason other than to “reserve” MY username for myself.

This manner of behavior, where I opened an account whenever I’m asked, stopped a few years ago, when I had started grew sick of at least a thousand spam messages a week in my inbox, even though I was not using the e-mail in question for any form of communication except for opening accounts.

But now, when I surf the Web, as before and want to “check” if my username is being used by someone else I find the nickname Milantex on those websites more and more often and every single one of them does belong to me. Sometimes, I cannot remember the password and have no way of retrieving it, because of a very bad “forgotten password recovery policy” on those websites.

Much more frequently than before, I keep bumping into websites with a member who is using the username called Milantex and every single time, I find that the user in question is I.

Conclusion: I should have kept a detailed record of every single website account and password that I have ever registered with. But then again, if I had done so, I would not have had such a fun time discovering that whenever I happen to like a website and want to register an account with it, that I do not have to do anything except to log into an account silently waiting dormant for its master to return and reclaim it. That actually makes me feel quite special sometimes. Shouldn’t it?