Today, I've had a short conversation with a colleague at my University concerning the trust people assume towards using Google’s services without giving it a second thought even when it means giving delicate personal data.

What we discussed was the usual choice of search engine where picking Google’s is such without prior survey or assessment of different choices.

My point was that it’s really no big deal that people unreservedly choose Google over other search engine alternatives. This is because, in fact, Google is unrivalled in this field. Aside of those nerds at Microsoft who are forced, by their oppressive employer, to use a search engine attempt called Bing, normal and free people thinking and acting chose what works best for them, and in my personal and not so humble opinion, Yahoo!, Ask and others just don’t cut it as satisfactory.

My colleague argued that this unconditional trust that people place in Google leads to an autocratic behaviour of a company like Google which would not hesitate to misuse information gathered as long as there is no evident chance or possibility of being exposed.

Have it this way. If Google ware to comply with all privacy policy agreements in their fullest and avoid trading information generated from acquired data, they would be forfeiting a great source of their income which in term enables them to invest into new advancements, services and better adaptation and customization of their existing services and products and all in order to better satisfy their users. Therefore, users who unconditionally put fate into Google’s services should know that by doing so they agree to sacrifice bits of their personal information in order for their favourite services continuing to be free for use.

I’d like to know if people reading this post also think as I do, that in order to keep receiving a good service for free, it is not too much to allow the service provider to misuse bits of data collected about us in order to analyse that data, generate information out of it and provide it to other interested parties, as long as we are not personally mentioned and exposed as sources of data from which information in question was calculated?