Ever since Microsoft has started reworking, redesigning and adding new “features” to its web based e-mail service, most recently renamed to Outlook.com, there were many choices that did not sit well with users.

Personally, I hardly use my Hotmail e-mail, so I don’t frequently use the Outlook.com web application to send e-mails. I mainly use that e-mail for old friends and family members.

Even so, after Microsoft started integrating its messaging services into their e-mail service web applications I’ve started feeling very uncomfortable around those services.

This is primarily because I use e-mails and instant messaging for completely different purposes and mostly at different times. In other words, I don’t like distractions through messaging services when I sit down to write a few important e-mails. In the same manner, I do not like to be interrupted by “You’ve got mail notifications” (of any kind) when chatting with friends on Skype. Just by knowing that a new unread message is there in my inbox waiting to be read sort of pecks at my “concentration nerve” and gets me agitated. I want to learn about a new e-mail when I decide to check my inbox for new e-mails.

As I’ve said before, I use e-mail and IM at different times, so switching between e-mail and messenger at the same time is not acceptable to me. Therefore, Microsoft’s integration of a messenger into their web based e-mail client application was unacceptable to me.

With Google services, I don’t have this problem, because they offer a sign out option for the messenger. So when I open Gmail, there is no irritating Google Talk (or Hangouts as they would like me to call the service now – Sorry to disappoint you Google, but it’s a terrible name). But, Microsoft obviously thinks that it is normal to use e-mail and to be available for a quick chat all at the same time. Well, good for them. I don’t!

So, in order to rid myself of this nuisance, I’ve anchored all of their messenger specific hostnames to in my system’s hosts file. This was done in order to disable this “feature” in Outlook.com, but that has recently stopped working. Because of this, I was forced to completely unlink my Skype account from their Microsoft account and now I continue to use Skype like I always have been using it... with my Skype name and password for sign up and not with the Microsoft account (I’ve never actually signed up like this even though I’ve had those two accounts linked for some time now).

I know that I am not the only one out there. There are countless topics opened on forums, community support platforms, and even on Microsoft’s Community Q&A service dating back to mid-2013. Even though the topic is still active and more and more people are demanding an option to “opt out” of this messenger integration in their e-mail experience, Microsoft keeps turning a deaf ear (maybe both their ears are deaf).

For now, the solution is to completely anchor all web messenger related domain and subdomain names in your system’s host file to and to unlink your Skype and Microsoft account or to use a browser specific plugin that “kills” this “feature” (bug – a very big roach type of bug).