How dependent have we all become on Internet? I can speak for myself and say that my dependency on Internet depends on a number of factors.

When I am at home and when I have nothing better to do (such as to finish something for work, do some housekeeping or simply to do something that has to be done), there are two scenarios: A) I have a good book to read. B) I do not have a good book to read. In the first scenario I am very dependent on Internet, while in the second scenario, you can disconnect my router from the Web and I might not even notice for hours.

When I am at work I am very much dependent on Internet. The main reason is that there is no good usable off line reference for programming languages and technologies I write stuff in when at work. Also, I am supposed to check my e-mail on regular basis (company’s business policy).

When on a vacation I live a savage, uncivilized, caveman life style in forests and mountains of West Serbian where Internet, or any kind of net (except for those made by spiders and those used by people in the plains and valleys for fishing) for that matter is probably unheard of.

During my travels to foreign countries Internet is an expensive resource (when used through roaming via phone) and unsecure (when risking everything you are on the Web by accessing your accounts from local Internet cafes).

Therefore, when I sum up all I can gather on my way of using the Internet, my dependency is dependent.

Finally, I should conclude that I could very much live a normal life even without Internet access when I occupy my mind and body with real world pastime activities, whilst it is impossible when I am in a working environment or in a completely dull and tedious snow blockade like now.