I understand that the statement in this post’s title comes at a wrong time, since it is March now and the time for thinking and talking about de névé has passed, but this post actually has nothing to do with the snow that has already melted away, but with the snow that is yet to come, on April the 1st.

I believe that it is already clear from the title and its connection with April the 1st that I am talking about the upcoming season of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series.

Here’s a short history of how and when I became familiar with the story of Game of Thrones.

About four years ago, in a Plato book store in Belgrade, as we ware browsing book shelves for interesting titles in the Phantasy section, my friend Nataša suggested that I read the first book in series called “A Song of Ice and Fire”. On spot, I’ve read the review and thriller on the back cover of the first book, but at that time, it didn’t really awake my interest and in spite her obvious enthusiasm towards the story, as she was explaining the setting and the plot, I didn’t end up buying the book. Honestly, I regret not listening to her back then and not having read the book.

End of four or so year old history and back to the more modern one. When the first season of HBO’s TV series was out, the first contact that I’ve had with it was also through her suggestion. After following through the first season and hearing that I’d have to wait until next year to watch the second season, I’ve decided to read the books.

So I did. The first three books at least. I am currently stuck on the fourth. Not because I’m having problems with reading it, but because I’m having problems with finding time to read it. Lately, before sleeping, instead of reading as I usually do, I’ve been working on a project that’s been taking up way to much of my time, but that is another story.

The point of this post (finally, I’m getting to it) was to express my anticipation and impatience in waiting for the show to start in three weeks. As I am now familiar with the story, I have big expectations and am only hoping that there won’t be many stray-offs from the main plot. I’m not as interested with the events in the seven kingdoms (at least not with the southern and middle part of it), as I am in the events in the eastern lands with Daenerys’s part of the story, even though there haven’t been many chapters dealing with this part of the story in the third book. Also, I’d like to see how the lands and people north of The Wall will be portrayed. Oh, almost forgot. I’m really curious to see how much coverage in the TV show will be granted to Bran’s voyage north.

Well, to sum it up, the last part of this post was actually the point of it all. I’m hoping that whoever is reading it doesn’t see as a waste of time to have read the “introductory” half of the post.

Brace yourselves, winter is coming.