The country I was born in (Yugoslavia) had a celebration that was held for many years. It was the celebration of the Youth Day. Youth Day was celebrated with a traditional relay across the country, and ended in Belgrade on May 25th. The first time Youth Day was celebrated was on 25th of May, 1945. May 25th was the fake birthday found in Josip Broz Tito’s forged personal documents. His real birthday was on May 7th.

The last time the Relay of Youth manifestation was held in Yugoslavia was 8 years after Tito’s death, in 1988. This year was, in fact, my year of birth. To be more precise, the last time it was geld was 62 days after I was born. That was a quarter of a century ago.

I don’t remember this celebration (of course I don’t, otherwise it would be very creepy), but I do know that it was a well-loved celebration and that many of those who were teenagers and young people at that time remember those relays, Yugoslav National Army parades and other celebrations that happened around this day with a lot of nostalgia. Many of those young people preformed in ceremonies, orchestras and choirs for this day’s celebration manifestations and keep dear memories of those events.

When I watch recordings of these events, they look very much like opening ceremonies for the Olympics, but these happen once every four years, while the Youth Day celebration was a traditional annual event.

There are still people who celebrate this day. In fact, I know some who will be celebrating it tonight. There are organized celebrations in restaurants, pubs, taverns and other places where people gather to commemorate and celebrate important events.

To those who still celebrate the Youth Day on May 25th, I wish a happy holiday and may it be celebrated for years to come.